What does the learning disability partnership board do?

The North Yorkshire Learning Disability Partnership Board works to make services for people with learning disabilities better.

The board is also working hard to help different people participate in the board; the self advocates forum; the family carers forum; and the local area groups. We want to work with and represent the views of people with a learning disability; family carers; housing organisations; leisure services; colleges; health services; and other groups working with and for people with a learning disability.

The board also asks different services and projects to say how the things they do affect the lives of people with learning disabilities and their families.

The things that these services decide might be about:

  • What choices and support there are for people with learning disabilities and their families;
  • How to give everyone a fair chance of getting the help they need; or
  • How much resources are needed to make services better.

The board brings together Council departments and health services and other providers that give you support. This means that everyone can share information about what is happening in your local area.

Everyone can agree what needs to be done and can check that the work they are doing fits in with what everyone else is doing.

Partnership board meetings

The board meets twice a year to talk about opportunities and support for people with learning disabilities and their family and carers in North Yorkshire. Its job is to make sure that things get better for people with learning disabilities.

The board has members from North Yorkshire County Council; health services; voluntary groups; advocacy organisations; family carers; and people with a learning disability from all over the County.