Voluntary and community sector

The voluntary and community sector makes a vital contribution in North Yorkshire, whether this is through provision of services or by supporting community action.

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Partnership working

Good partnership working is vital, and the North Yorkshire Liaison group meets to facilitate better partnership working between the public and voluntary and community sectors. For more information about the group please use the menu on the left.

The North Yorkshire Compact is the agreement between voluntary and community sector organisations and public sector organisations about how we will work together.

Community First Yorkshire


Community First Yorkshire is the sub-regional infrastructure organisation for North Yorkshire and exists to promote, develop and support new and existing forms of voluntary and community action; and to ensure that their views and interests are well represented.

Community First Yorkshire provides a range of services and support to voluntary organisations, community groups and charities in North Yorkshire including services to recruit and support volunteers.  For more information visit

Infrastructure support review

A review of infrastructure support needs was undertaken in 2015/16 and further information can be accessed on our Voluntary and community sector infrastructure review page.

Voluntary and community sector directory

The Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Directory is a fully searchable directory of voluntary and community organisations working throughout York and North Yorkshire. Find out more here.