Healthy weight

Tackling overweight and obesity in North Yorkshire 2016-2026.

The healthy weight, healthy lives strategy has been developed by North Yorkshire County Council to help deliver the aims and ambitions of the North Yorkshire health and wellbeing board - that 'People in all communities in North Yorkshire have equal opportunities to live long healthy lives'.


The vision of the healthy weight, healthy lives strategy is to help achieve this and 'To inspire a healthy weight population'. The strategy details the issue of obesity in North Yorkshire. It describes why and where action is needed and explores how different stakeholders can contribute to tackling the obesity problem.


Our challenge in North Yorkshire is to create the environment to develop and sustain healthy eating and physical activity habits. This is not simply a health issue, nor a matter of individual choice. This strategy must align with other policy goals and aspirations such as climate change, transport, planning, rural issues, education and employment. We need to work in partnership, through the leadership of the North Yorkshire health and wellbeing board, to inspire a healthy weight population and achieve our ambition to reduce the number of people who are overweight and obese at all ages. Together we can be successful in supporting more people to eat more healthily and be more active so they can live longer, happier lives.


The Healthy weight, healthy lives strategy can be found here.

A plain English summary of the Healthy weight, healthy lives strategy can be found here.


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