Hate crime and safer communities

Find out about hate crime and how we are working to make our communities safer.

Hate crime report

The hate crime report produced by the North Yorkshire PCC has been published. As you may be aware, our forums contributed to the research.

The report makes very interesting reading and in addition to giving an excellent understanding of hate crime, it also gives a good overview of the diversity of North Yorkshire.

You can read the report here


North Yorkshire Police - disability hate crime video

A video about how North Yorkshire Police are improving the way they deal with disability hate crime and how they can better support the disabled communities they serve. The video is introduced by Iain Spittal, Assistant Chief Constable and is aimed at North Yorkshire Police officers and staff but contains relevant information for everyone. It asks what staff have learnt about disability hate crime and what actions they are going to take in the future to help prevent it. Together we can make a difference. Together we can put a stop to hate crime.

Safer communities

Ensuring that communities stay safe requires input from a wide range of agencies and from the communities themselves. Find out how we are working to make our communities safer here.