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Agenda item 5 - Report of the York, North Yorkshire, East Riding and Hull (YNYERH) Directors of Development Group

1.0 Purpose of the Report

1.1 To update members of the Chief Executives’ Group as to the work and progress of the YNYERH Directors of Development Group.

2.0 Background

2.1 This report updates the Chief Executives’ Group on the work of the Directors of Development Group (DoDs). This report covers the DODs meetings that took place virtually on the following dates. The frequency of the meetings was increased to monthly reflecting the urgency of the top two agenda items:

29 May 2020, 19 June 2020 and 29 July 2020

2.2 The top two items on the agendas of all three meetings have been

1. Covid 19 Impact, Intelligence Sharing and Economic Response Plan; and
2. LEP and North Yorkshire and York Devolution Update;

The report will focus on the progression of this work. Further items that have been tabled during these meeting have been:

3. NYCC transport Scheme Development 2020/21;
4. SDZ Updates;
5. Updates on the Local Authority Climate Action Plans;
6. Carbon Abatement Study;
7. Housing Growth Progress;
8. LEPs Future Towns Update;
9. DODs operational Budget update;
10. LNP Natural Capital Progress report; and
11. LEP submission to Government for the Getting Building Fund.

3.0 Covid 19 Impact, Intelligence Sharing and Economic Response Plan

3.1 By the May meeting of DODs the task and finish group had been set up and met twice, set out a plan to take economic recovery forward and asked Local Authorities to put forward projects. 200 had been received at that point. Discussion focussed on the regional discussions being picked up i.e Northern Powerhouse or Transport for the North, when those discussions have taken place.

3.2 Of Primary concern was the speed at which emergency legislation could be used to alter street layouts to best use public space to aid economic recovery. It was noted that a joined up approach to enforcement was needed as well as communication. Emergency funds for active travel and emergency measures were discussed and agreed to share to get the market towns ‘open’. Agenda item 5CEG – 11 September 2020 Report of YNYERH Directors of Development Group/2

3.3 By June a ‘vision’ had been established with an emphasis on innovation and change:

3.4 Working together, making the most of our great place and growing from our strengths, we can shift to a greener, fairer and stronger economy, accelerating opportunities for innovation and change in York and North Yorkshire.

3.5 An economic forecast was presented and the structure of the Recovery Plan’s four main themes were discussed which are Place and Infrastructure, People and Community, Business and Innovation, and Land Use and Environment.

3.6 The key Action was to populate the Recovery Plan with activity.

3.7 The Recovery Plan discussed at the July meeting included the what the Recovery Plan will do and what was needed to be done to achieve those aims. It was agreed that all Directors must be signed up to it and the Recovery Plan would be circulated in full prior to August meeting.

3.8 The Public Health Covid Outbreak Response Plan was also presented to the group.

4.0 LEP and North Yorkshire and York Devolution Update

4.1 In May DODs were set the deadline of 3 June to complete the Asks. DODs were taken through the current state of the Asks and the group discussed where those Asks needed to be strengthened.

4.2 At the June meeting the substantive changes following presentation to the Chief Executives were acknowledged in Bio Yorkshire, Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Scarborough and the Harrogate Convention Centre. The timescales of sign of by Chief Executives by 24 June to allow each Authority its own sign off was agreed. It was key for each Director to ensure their chief Executive was informed of the detail of the document.

4.3 In July it was confirmed that the document was going through the individual Authorities sign off processes.

4.4 With regard to Local Government Reorganisation, all Local Authorities are working through the requirements. The Devolution Asks will be signed off and sit ready for when the Unitary outcome has been received.

5.0 Recommendations

5.1 The Chief Executives note the recent and on-going work of the YNYERH Directors of Development Group

DAVID BOWE Corporate Director - Business and Environmental Services, NYCC in the capacity of Chair of the YNYERH Directors of Development Group

September 2020