North Yorkshire police, fire and crime panel

The role of the police, fire and crime panel is to maintain a regular check and balance on the performance of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.  Councillor Zoe Metcalfe was elected as Commissioner for North Yorkshire on 25th November 2021 and the current term of office runs until 6th May 2024, when the election of Mayor will see the commissioner's responsibilities legally come under the Mayoral office.  

Each panel is a joint committee of the local authorities in the area. Its role includes:


  • Reviewing the Commissioner's proposals for the amount of council tax local people pay towards policing and fire and rescue. It has the power to veto these proposals if it considers the amount is inappropriate.

  • Considering the Commissioner's police, fire and crime plan and annual report/annual fire statement.

  • Considering the Commissioner's proposals for the appointment of a new Chief Constable and Chief Fire Officer.

  • Considering non-criminal complaints about the Commissioner.


The panel's publications in respect of each of these responsibilities can be found here. The panel cannot scrutinise the performance of the police force as a whole, or the Chief Constable/Chief Fire Officer, as this is the responsibility of the Commissioner.  It can request reports from the Commissioner and, if it wishes, call the Commissioner to attend its meetings.


The North Yorkshire police, fire and crime panel covers York and North Yorkshire.  It comprises ten elected representatives drawn from North Yorkshire Council and the City of York, in addition to three individuals that have been co-opted as independent "Community" Members.  Current membership details can be found here.


North Yorkshire Council is host local authority for the panel and provides administrative and other support to the panel and its members.


Further details about the responsibilities of the Commissioner can be found at