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North Yorkshire wider partnership conference

Save the date!

The 2022 North Yorkshire Wider Partnership Conference will  be held on Friday 30 September 2022.

We aim to hold the conference this year in person - look out for sign-up details later in the year.

2021 North Yorkshire Wider Partnership Conference

The 2021 North Yorkshire Wider Partnership Conference was held online on 19 November 2021.

Under the heading ‘Moving Forward Together’ the event covered the opportunities for partnership working and shaping the county’s places as part of Covid recovery, including those associated with local government reform and the recommendations of the North Yorkshire Rural Commission.

This year's conference was held online with 210 people from across the public and voluntary sectors logging on and a recording can be viewed below.

Feedback on the conference has generally been positive with 73% of respondents to the evaluation questionnaire rating it good or excellent and 27% rating it as fair. The  content was seen as informative and timely with a good mix of speakers and positive energy in the workshops. There was less positivity for the move online, despite understanding the reasons for this, with delegates expressing a feeling that something was lacking as a result, particularly the networking.

The 2022 conference is scheduled to take place earlier than usual on 30th September 2022 to try to avoid the winter period and hopefully delegates will all be able to meet in person again.


The conference is a high profile event in the county, which attracts a varied audience from the public, private and, particularly, the voluntary and community sectors, and represents a much valued opportunity for partnership working.

The delegate pack for the conference can be viewed or downloaded from the right hand side of the page. Presentations made at the conference are also available to view or download.

A number of questions were put to the speakers during the Conference which were not able to be addressed due to time constraints. Responses to these questions have been provided here.

Summaries of workshops are included below:

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