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Agenda item 6 - Local Government North Yorkshire and York (LGNYY) 9 October 2020

1 Purpose of the Report

1.1 To ask Chief Executives to identify business for LGNYY’s forthcoming informal private meeting and to note the deadline for providing finalised reports for Agenda distribution

2 Background

2.1 LGNYY Members are scheduled to have a private informal meeting, via Zoom, on Friday 9 October 2020 at 10.30am.

3 Issues for Consideration

3.1 Chief Executives are asked to identify business for the above. Business currently identified is listed below:- (a) Recovery from Covid-19 – Report from Neil Irving (b) LEP Update – Report from James Farrar (c) Devolution – Whether to submit the Asks to Government; whether a public date is known for the White Paper; and any other information available from Government – Report author to be advised.

4 Report Deadline

4.1 Finalised reports, for consideration at the above, should be emailed to by 5pm on Thursday 1 October.

5 Subsequent Arrangements

5.1 LGNYY is also due to meet, either informally in private, or virtually, on Monday 2 November at 10.30am and Friday 4 December at 10.30am. No arrangements have been made yet regarding 2021.

6 Recommendations

6.1 That Chief Executives identify business for consideration by LGNYY Members on 9 October.

6.2 That it be noted that finalised reports for the above should be emailed to by Thursday 1 October.

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North Yorkshire County Council

September 2020