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Agenda item 3 - Covid-19 recovery update: Health

Chief Executives' Group - North Yorkshire and York

4 November 2021

Covid-19 recovery update: Health


1 Purpose of the Report

To update the group on the current position across the health system in North Yorkshire & York focussing on: -

  • the on-going impact of COVID,
  • the recovery as we return to business as usual and
  • the current increasing pressure as COVID cases rise again

2 Background

2.1 The North Yorkshire & York (NYY) system has effectively worked together over the last 18 months and continues to do so via the 'Gold', 'Silver' & 'Bronze' calls meeting as frequently as required to resolve issues jointly across the system.

However, attendances are up in all areas of health and social care, coupled with COVID working practices and rising numbers.   

3 How well is NYY recovering?

3.1 The NHS has a 6-point plan in place to support recovery as shown in Figure 1. This is being implemented and monitored across Humber, Coast & Vale ICS with some additional funding to promote different elements.

Figure 1.

Attached to this report is a data pack to demonstrate what the current situation is locally in the areas of: -

  • Elective care
  • Cancer
  • Urgent & emergency care
  • Primary care
  • COVID vaccination programme
  • Long covid assessment services
  • Community Services
  • Mental health
  • Workforce


3.2 Key headlines

The number of patients waiting more than 52 weeks for treatment is slowly coming down.  Waiting lists are being clinically monitored based on clinical risk and needs.

Demand for urgent and emergency care has exceeded pre-pandemic levels with all health & care providers experiencing extreme and unprecedented pressure including primary care.  In NYY over the last month several care homes have closed reducing the number of beds by over 120 so this is exacerbating discharges & rehabilitation.

As of 26th October 2021 COVID positive patients in hospital beds was 166 (8% of the total beds available).

The COVID vaccination programme continues to be successful across NYY with uptake of 1st & 2nd doses at nearly 80%. The vaccine programme is now available for all 12–15-year olds.  The Winter flu vaccination programme is also underway for all over 50's and those with an identified health need. 

4 Where and for whom is recovery not happening?

4.1 Current analysis of the waiting lists for outpatient appointments across HCV demonstrates some inequalities. Further data and analysis at a more granular level is required across the system, and this should also include analysis by ethnicity.

Take up of the vaccination has shown nationally variation based on ethnicity, age, and certain groups such as pregnant women.  There is a Health Inequalities Assurance Board across NYY to review and address any issues around uptake. Specific work has taken place across HCV to promote uptake in certain groups using social media campaigns, interpreters, working with faith groups and targeted approaches through pop-ups and workplaces.

5 What still needs to be done?

5.1 The system needs to continue to work together as the issues are multi-faceted and cannot be resolved by any one agency in isolation.  We need to be innovative and strengthen relationships, building on our successes over the last 18 months. Across the system we are developing short-, medium- and longer-term outcomes to address the issues. Key themes to be focussed on at present include: -


6 Recommendations

6.1 The group is asked to note the progress to date and support the areas where work still needs to be delivered collectively as North Yorkshire & York system.


Amanda Bloor
Partnership Director NYY/Accountable Officer NYCCG

29th October 2021