Learning Disability Partnership Board

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The North Yorkshire Learning Disability Partnership Board works to make services for people with learning disabilities better. North Yorkshire County Council is the lead authority for the board.

It is a key indicator of the Government's 'Valuing People Now' strategy that we produce relevant, current and accessible information for people with learning disabilities and their family carers.

See the what does the Learning Disability Partnership Board do? page for full details about what the board does.



Meeting dates

See the meeting dates for the Learning Disability Partnership Board and associated groups for 2020.

Meeting minutes

You can read meeting minutes and associated documents here.

Local area groups

In order to cover an area the size of North Yorkshire more effectively, four local area groups have been set up. These groups bring together local people to look at what is happening in the areas in which they live and with the services that they use. To find out more about your local area group please choose the nearest one to you from the list below:

North Yorkshire Self-Advocates Forum for people with a learning disability

We have set up the North Yorkshire Self-Advocates Forum to make sure that the voice of people with learning disabilities is at the heart of the work of the North Yorkshire Learning Disability Partnership Board. Read more about the Self-Advocates Forum here.

Support for people who have a learning disability

If you would like information about support for people who have a learning disability please go to the North Yorkshire County Council website social care section here.

Useful resources

These pages provide additional information and resources from the learning disability partnership board.

General Election 2019

General Election 12 December 2019 - guide to easy read voting resources - Information for providers about supporting people with a learning disability to register to vote and voting in the election.

Mencap is uploading Easy Read manifestos as they obtain them and you can read these on their website - Easy read manifestos 

United Response have also produced their own easy read summaries, which may be of use. Please note however that North Yorkshire Partnerships cannot endorse the summaries as an accurate reflection of the manifestos - the link below is shared for information only.



Your health – the learning disability register and annual health checks

If you have a learning disability you can get extra support when visiting the doctor. To do so you need to join the learning disability register - which could also mean you can have a free annual health check. 

The North Yorkshire Health Task Group is working hard to tell everyone about annual health checks, and how important they are for people with a learning disability.  This work is part of our Live Well, Live Longer Learning Disability Strategy action plans.

Here’s a video from the NHS that tells you all about annual health checks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_C8R_bJdLSQ

And here are some really useful guides for self-advocates, family carers and supporters:



Top tips for presenters
Tips from self-advocates on how to make presentations more effective and easier to understand.

Work - paid and unpaid
The thoughts of members of the Craven and Harrogate Local Area Group about the things that stop them from getting work.

Finding a home and support services
Information for people with learning disabilities about finding a home or getting more support in their current home.

Information resources
This page features information resources from the learning disability partnership board.

The word-bank was developed with a group of people with a learning disability who suggested the idea for the word-bank and then worked, with support, to agree the words, pictures and their meanings.

Good meeting guide
We have created a good meeting guide to help you when organising and holding meetings.

Hate crime and safer communities
Find out about hate crime and how we are working to make our communities safer.

Prevent: know you are safe from radicalisation
Find out what signs to look for and who to report it to.

Why information in easy read is important
A series of videos by members of the learning disability partnership board explaining why information in easy read is important.

Top Tips for Saving Money on Energy Bills
We have a developed some useful tips on how to save money and stay warm in winter.