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Access to psychological first aid training course for frontline workers

Free online psychological first aid training from Public Health England (PHE) is available to frontline workers and volunteers, working with or providing direct support and advice to people accessing our services, which will equip staff to provide support and recognise people at risk of distress.  It follows a globally recommended model for supporting people during emergencies, tailored to the specific challenges of coronavirus.

The online course enables responders to develop their skills and confidence in providing key psychological support to people affected by coronavirus, including on issues such as job worries, bereavement or isolation.  It will also help to develop understanding of how emergencies like the coronavirus pandemic can affect us all, how to recognise people who may be at increased risk of distress, and how to offer practical and emotional support.  It may also benefit managers who are supporting frontline workers and volunteers.

The course is free, and no previous qualifications are required. By the end of the course, outcomes will include: understanding how emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic can affect us, recognising people who may be at increased risk of distress and understanding how to offer practical and emotional support. The course takes around 90 minutes to complete and is also available in three sessions for the learner to complete at their own pace.

Learners who join the course will also receive a free digital upgrade so that they can gain unlimited access to the course and any articles, videos, peer reviews and quizzes, as well as a PDF Certificate of Achievement.

The course takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. There are 3 parts which can be done in intervals or all in one go.

Please search for this course (you can use Covid-19 in the search field) on Learning Zone.

The course is self-led and references mental health in relation to Covid-19, whereas, Mental Health First Aid is accredited, instructor led training.  It is more in depth look at the subject of mental health and is broken down into topics such as depression, suicide and eating disorders.