During the restriction of movements as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak all scheduled meetings listed on the North Yorkshire Partnership website will not be taking place or will be carried out virtually. For further information please contact the named contact for the relevant meetings or email

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Why information in easy read is important

A series of videos by members of the Learning Disability Partnership Board explaining why information in easy read is important.

You can also find guides to making information in easy read and using Photosymbols on the right. We have also produced a word-bank that helps to explain what some difficult words and terms mean.

Why information in easy read is important - example 1

"I can't read print so need to have the information on a CD so I can listen to it in my own time."

Why information in easy read is important - example 2

"I like to read it myself and without support."

Why information in easy read is important - example 3

"So I can understand it better."

Why information in easy read is important - example 4

"Using plain, simple language makes it easier to understand for everyone."

How easy read has benefited the learning disability partnership board

Members of the North Yorkshire County Council Learning Disability Partnership Board explain how they are now able to better understand information presented through the board, thanks to the use of easy read.


Useful resources

Top tips for presenters 
Tips from self-advocates on how to make presentations more effective and easier to understand.

Good meeting guide 
We have created a good meeting guide to help you when organising and holding meetings.


Word-bank – 
The word-bank was developed with a group of people with a learning disability who suggested the idea for the word-bank and then worked, with support, to agree the words, pictures and their meanings