Community safety hub joint co-ordinating group

The Community Safety Hub Joint Commissioning Group (JCG) is established to support the continued development of North Yorkshire and the City of York multi-agency Community Safety Hubs. This will support the strategic vision in multiple agencies and organisations working together to make the communities of York and North Yorkshire safer.

The JCG reports to the North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnership and the Safer York

The work streams for the JCG are:

  • Administration & Business Support

  • Hub connectivity with other forums

  • Performance Framework

  • Legal/ISA Support

  • Communication

  • Toolkit

  • Case Management

The group will support and develop work streams that contribute to the development and longevity of the multi-agency hubs and will share best practice, knowledge and skills to strive towards the best community / victim focussed delivery.

The JCG meets on a quarterly basis and is chaired by Inspector Jo Brooksbank.

For further information contact Lesley Dale, Corporate Development Office, North Yorkshire County Council at

Local contact for Community Safety hub:


Suzanne Sweeting

01757 705101 (public)



Community Safety Co-ordinator:

Stacey Reffin

01756 706291



Community Partnerships Officer:

Angela Jones

01653 600666



Gina Allen

01609 767196



Joanne Butler

01748 901189



Julia Stack

01423 500600 Ext. 58190



Sandra Rees

01723 383627