North Yorkshire safe places

North Yorkshire County Council in conjunction with North Yorkshire Police have developed a 'safe places scheme' which launched in May 2016.

Safe places logo.PNGA 'safe place' is where anyone who might need a little bit more help and support when they are out and about in the community can call in to get assistance.

Members of the scheme carry a 'keep safe' card and may have a wristband. On the card there is a call centre number that can be contacted by the safe place to check the person's details. The call centre will then contact the person's responders to make sure someone who knows them can come to take them home. The safe place will make sure that the person is safe and feels comfortable until their responder is able to attend.


Safe places cards are nationally recognised and are being implemented across the country. See regional examples here.

For more information about the scheme in North Yorkshire please visit:

Alternatively, contact specialist property services (call centre) on: 03307 260260